Reviews Of 5 The Best Glass Washers

Like any major purchase of catering equipment, a commercial-grade glasswasher can have a significant impact on the operation of your bar. It can be confusing due to the many model and brand options. It is important to find the right unit for you at the right price. You’ll struggle to provide fresh beverages to your customers if you don’t specify the glass washer. You’ll end up spending more money on your glass washer if you don’t.

There are many options to choose from for every location. Many top brands offer the best in efficiency and performance as well as innovation and long-lasting durability. Unfortunately, it is up to you to choose which brand is best for you.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best bar glass washer machine that we supply. These units are not the only ones we supply, but they are the best. Based on customer feedback, we can gain a better understanding of the key selling points as well as their long-term efficiency.

Performance and efficiency are at the top of their class

+High efficiency

+Fantastic Performance at the Busiest Sites


-Warranty duration

The ultimate commercial glass washer, the Hobart Premax GPSW-10B. This warewasher has high performance. This warewasher is designed for larger bars, pubs, and events companies.

It is, as you’d expect from a glasswasher this size, one of the most cost-effective to run. The upfront cost of the machine is much more than the total cost over its lifetime.

The Hobart GPSW-10B has an intuitive controller that is easy to use. For great wash results, and easy cleaning and maintenance, clip in the upper and lower wash arms. The unit includes an interlocking strainer that prevents blockages and the Genius X2 filter system. This makes the wash water last longer. Glassware is not only clean and clear, but it also comes dry and ready for use. This is the ultimate glasswasher.

Mid-Tier Hobart packs a powerful punch without the Premax price tag

+ Comprehensive Specification

+Control panel improved and easier to use

Additional racks can be expensive

-Warranty duration

Next is another Hobart. This time it’s the mid-tier Ecomax Plus range. G515SW & G515W.

The Hobart Ecomax Plus G515SW, the improved replacement for G503S is now available. The G503S is still a great choice, but this new G515SW has a more user-friendly control panel and an inbuilt USB interface that makes it easy to diagnose problems. This makes it easier to service, diagnose faults, and update software faster and more economical. You have more flexibility with the addition of a third wash cycle.

These features add to the Ecomax Plus’s outstanding features. A small wash tank, double-skinned cabinet and door, uprated pumps, etc. The Hobart Ecomax Plus glasswasher offers outstanding efficiency and performance in this price range. It is also easier to clean and maintain. This is an all-rounder that’s extremely efficient at this price.

Hobart quality at an affordable price Perfect for smaller sites.

+Double-skinned doors reduce heat loss and noise

+For complete coverage of glassware, use the upper and lower wash & rinse arms

-Accessories that are expensive

-Warranty duration

We have a third Hobart glasshwaser, which is a little embarrassing. It’s a great machine and there is good reason. It is part of the Hobart Ecomax range. The Hobart Ecomax G404SW and G404W provide Hobart’s German design and build quality at an affordable price point. This is the latest version of Hobart’s smallest glasswaher.

It’s Hobarts smallest offering but it packs a big punch. The drain pump is built-in, which allows for quick draining and refilling. An integrated chemical dosing system ensures accurate detergent and rinse aid dosing everytime. The G404SW has an integrated water softener. This unit has both upper and lower rinse and wash arms, which allows for full wash coverage. However, many units this large only have one washarm.

All of this specification in a very compact yet powerful package.

Meiko UPster U500G-GiO

German-made machine with reverse osmosis.

+The Reverse Osmosis system can deliver great results

+2-year warranty

-Reverse Osmosis may not be for everyone

-It is much more difficult to run an RO system.

The Meiko UPster U500G -GiO is another machine that was built in Germany.

The U500GGiO has a reverse osmosis filter that filters water to remove impurities. Your glassware is left clean and streak-free, ready to be used immediately. This is a popular choice for high-end dining and events. There are three cycle times available: 90, 120 or 240 seconds. Offering you complete flexibility. The self-cleaning cycle makes it easy to clean and maintain. It has a clear digital temperature display that is easy to read and understand for maximum useability.

So, why is the U500G–GiO only fourth in this review? Reverse Osmosis is not right for everyone. A water softener is often a better choice. The RO system is a good solution for some sites but it’s not a good choice for all.

Latest: Meiko announced that it will offer the U500G with an option of either an inbuilt softener, or a reverse osmosis system. This article will be updated as soon as we learn more about the new model.


Solid workhorse at an affordable price

+Cost effective solution under PS1000

+Flexible specifications allow you to manage the price and still meet your budget

-Warranty for parts only

-All of it is optional.

If you have a smaller site and require a lower throughput, the DC SG40 is a good option. Although the German units are leading the way, they can be expensive and not necessary for all bars. DC glasswashers are a simpler machine that washes glasses.

Although it is possible to customize everything, which can sometimes be frustrating, the SG40 allows you to make your glasswasher work for you. It provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective professional glasswasher.