Tips to Have Successful Instagram Account

Instagram is fast becoming one of the most widely used social media platforms. Many businesses only focus on LinkedIn and Facebook. However, Instagram is one of the secrets to social media success. Although you are already on the right path if you create your own Instagram and start posting photos, that’s just half of the battle. To increase your followers, you need to get more. These are my top tips for increasing your Instagram followers.

Stick to a passionate niche.

Instagram accounts that have the greatest success focus on just one or two niches, and only post content that is related. It is best to choose an area you are passionate about and focus all your attention on it. If you’re passionate about travel, and often travel the world, then travel accounts could be a good option. This is another area you should be interested in. A strong following will be found if you stick with a niche and are authentic and passionate about your posts.


Remember that Instagram influencers have a significant impact on who follows you. Paying influencers can help you gain more followers and exposure. Look for the most affordable accounts with large users and a high number of users. You can promote yourself by paying larger accounts. Post photos and videos with a caption and a description to let people know about your account. Nearly all large Instagram accounts will have a contact email address for advertising or promotions.

Post epic content continuously.

High quality video and photos are essential if you wish to grow your Instagram following. You cannot post random photos or videos every other week. You must be posting new content constantly and making sure it is high-quality and high-resolution. You should post once or twice daily (everyday), but as your account grows, you will want to increase this to three to five posts per day.

Your photo equipment should be upgraded if they do not measure at least 1080 x 1080 pixels. You can test what types of photos and videos are more engaging and then create and share more similar content to increase your audience’s satisfaction.

The key is to be open to trying different options and to use what works best. GIFs are another popular option on Instagram.

If you have a limited amount of content, ask permission to use a photo shared by another account that has a large following. It’s better to not post content and it will also help build relationships with other accounts.

Captions should be compelling and motivating.

Captions can be very helpful. You need to ensure that they are being used to your advantage. Consider whether your niche or subject requires a lengthy or short-storied caption. Once you have decided, keep your messages consistent. The caption must do four things. Captions should captivate, motivate, incite, and provide a user with an experience through the photo or video. It may sound cliché to post motivational content via social media, but it is a great way to drive massive engagement. Users will move to other accounts if they don’t feel motivated by your posts every day.

Some people will use simple captions and accompanying hashtags to express their style. Others might take a more formal approach to their captions. Your focus should always be on consistency.

Use the appropriate emojis

Emojis’s are loved or loathed by everyone, but it is clear that they have been a popular method of communicating via social media and texting. Emojis are a great way to communicate your feelings. Emojis can often be used to substitute words and allow for expressive captions that resonate with people. You can substitute at most one word in every sentence with Emojis that represent it. Your captions will be more visually appealing to people.

You shouldn’t do it too often. Emojis can add some flavor to your posts and make them more relatable. However, they should not be the only method of communicating. Emojis are a great way to communicate emotions, create reactions, and substitute words.

Do not post too much.

We talked earlier about the importance of consistency when posting. People make the common mistake of not posting enough. There are accounts that post too frequently, and this can cause people to be turned off. It is important to set a consistent frequency. As I said above, you should post one to two posts per daily when you start. This seems to be the best number. However, if you post more than this you could overwhelm others. A good strategy is to start with two per morning and spread them out over the day with one each night.

As your account grows and you gain more followers, add more posts. Here’s a great formula to help you figure out how many posts should you be creating each day: 1-1000 followers, 2-3 posts per day. 1,000-10000, 2-3 posts per post, 10,000-50,000 each, 3-4 posts per week, 100,000-500,000, 5-6 posts per days, 500,000-1,000,000, 8-10 posts per daily, and 500,000-1,000,000.

Use hashtags.

Instagram hashtags are an essential part of the posting process. But it is also important to know how to use them and make sure you include the righthashtags along with your posts. You should be strategic in choosing which hashtags you use. Research and statistics show that using three to five keywords on social media is the best way to go.

Use descriptive hashtags that accurately represent your photo or video.

Use descriptive two-word hashtags to describe your post. Examples include #GreenApple and #HondaCivic.

Contrary to popular belief using hashtags with millions of users will decrease your chances of getting your photo seen and attract less users. You will get your photos viewed by people who are searching for these hashtags if you use descriptive hashtags with less posts.

I recommend that you use three to five hashtags for each caption.

Engage with users

You can’t just create an Instagram account by posting photos and videos. Engage with your followers through captions that ask questions and then respond to them. This allows you to build closer relationships with your followers as well as a larger support group. Your photos will become more appealing to other people if they are shared with them.

If you are serious about gaining more followers, you should engage with other accounts. Commenting on other accounts’ posts can help you get more followers. It will also encourage others to visit your account, and eventually follow you if they enjoy your content.

It is important to ask your followers questions such as where they come from or what they like and dislike about your content. You can encourage your followers to follow you by adding positive comments on other people’s accounts.

Make a positive environment.

Positivity is key in the Instagram world. To really grow your Instagram following, you must build a positive community that allows followers to post and communicate information.

Any negative content on your account should be deleted and banned. This is a great method to promote positive and clean comments on your posts. You should not allow a negative comment to turn into a vicious circle of users verbally attacking each other. It is important to keep an eye on this. Otherwise, new users may stop following you.

The key to creating and maintaining a calm, mature account is to engage with others and build relationships with your early powerusers and eventually account, brand and product promoters.

Cross promote similar accounts

Cross-promoting accounts can be one of the best ways to get more Instagram followers. Look for similar Instagram accounts and gain followers. You can reach out to each other and promote their accounts by sharing shout outs.

It is important to remember to be open to cross-promotion, even if your page looks different from others. If you target a male market that likes sports, you might find these kinds of followers on accounts that are more male-dominated. You can experiment with different accounts to find the ones that help you grow your business. These pages are important because they can be trusted and cherished.

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