Find Out The Best Android Apps For Free Calls

The days of actual landline telephones are almost gone. It’s simple to get rid of that phone line with the easy availability of internet and cheap smartphones. While you will still need to get a data connection, such as WiFi or a carrier plan, all the apps on this list allow free calls.

Because they serve the same purpose, we don’t make any distinction between VoIP and physical phone calls with numbers. However, both types of apps were included in the list. VoIP is preferred over physical calls because it’s cheaper and more accessible everywhere. These are the top free Android calls apps! You can also visit this link to see the best free calling apps and websites for PC, Mac and Linux.

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Dingtone is just one of the many free Google Play call apps. This one strikes a good balance. If you wish, you can get a local phone number. It can also call over 200 countries. As long as Dingtone is used by your family members, you can make unlimited calls using data. With a credit card system, you can call real numbers. This is why the in-app purchase. Through various advertisements and promotions, you can get free credits. Although it isn’t 100% free of cost, you can still add credits to your account by using various promotions and ads.

Facebook Messenger

Price: Free

The majority of Facebook apps are average. They are slow and clunky and can drain quite a lot of battery. But, almost everyone uses Facebook. This makes it an acceptable option. Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s standalone messaging app. It offers free messaging, free calls, and free international calls. There are even games available on the app. You will only need to be friends with someone on Facebook. In some cases, however, that may not be necessary. This app is worth a try as it is easier to convince people to use Facebook rather than to switch to another.

Google Duo is a video chatting app. It’s also one of the easier free calls apps to use. You simply download it, open it, put in your phone number, and you can start making free video calls. The only downside is that the other person will also have to be using Google Duo. However, the good news is that Google Duo is free and multi-platform. That means it works on iOS and Android at least. It only does video calls, but they’re of good quality and you can make as many of them as you want. A recent update lets people make only voice calls if needed.


Price Free / $6.99/ Variable

GrooVeIP can be used to make free calls. You’ll get a real US number that you can give people. It supports both text and calls. However, the free portion is not very clear. Credits can be earned for free. To earn credits, however, you will need to complete offers and view ad videos. Although it is tedious, it works. They also have the option of purchasing credits. You will receive credits for free each month. It is great for making limited, free calls. From update to update, the app appears to be either great or frustrating. We won’t complain much, however, because free is free.



Skype has been one of the most used free calling apps. It can be used on smartphones, tablets, computers and all other computing devices. Skype users can send free text messages, voice calls, or video calls to each other. If you wish to call real phone numbers, however, credits will need to be purchased. We appreciate the ability to call real phone numbers through the service. You can also call Skype friends for free. Additionally, multiple Skype users can talk to one another in one voice call.

Signal Private Messenger, a popular service, focuses on security. It is open-source and encrypts all messages it sends. This includes voice calls and text messages. You can make free calls and send texts. However, Signal Private Messenger will be required to be used by others. All services are free for the time being. This is the best option for people who are concerned about security but still want to make free calls. It’s not 100% secure unless both parties use Signal Private Messenger.


Price:Free/ $6.67-$12.50 Per Member per Month

Slack is helping us a bit. It does however allow you to make free calls to Slack users. This chat service is becoming increasingly popular and is geared towards small businesses. It allows you to create and send text messages, as well as integrate with many other apps. It is cross-platform so calls are simple. These may not be as clear if you are talking to people from other parts of the world. Slack is free to almost everyone at the moment.


Free with In-App Purchases

TextNow offers both free texting and calls. You will get your own phone number that you can give to others. Calling people in Canada and the US is free. International calls will require you to pay a fee. This is not a great deal if your country is outside the US. However, it’s exactly what you need if you are in the US. Advertising funds the entire operation. These are removed by signing up for a plan. This app is the best way to make free calls.


Free with In-App Purchases

Viber began as a simple VoIP service. Viber has evolved to a full-featured service that allows voice chats, text chats and video chats. Viber allows you to call any Viber user at no cost. There is a small charge to call people who don’t use Viber, just like Skype. You also get a lot of additional features. Hidden messaging is one example of a useful feature. Many of these stickers, however, are silly little things that don’t really have much value. Viber to Viber calls and texts as well as video chats are free. In-app purchases allow you to purchase stickers and other customization options, but these are completely optional.

The venerable WhatsApp is last. Although it started as a text-only platform, it has gradually expanded to include free calls and video chats. You can only use the free call feature if you are connecting with someone who uses WhatsApp. It’s easy to connect with other WhatsApp users, as it is one of the most used chat apps. It is huge and powerful, and works well. You can also enjoy a number of additional features to make your experience even better.

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