Medical Marijuana’s Hazy Law Issues

When it comes to the legality of drugs, there is a thin line that’s not difficult to cross. Although illegal drug use is often associated with drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other similar substances, the biggest problem facing society is the abuse of prescription drugs that are legal to obtain. People often use drugs when they don’t need them – to ease stress, get better sleep after long flights, or to avoid falling asleep at night for various reasons.

Our society, however, chooses to focus on the fact that marijuana License has been granted legal prescription options, such as the issuance medical marijuana cards to patients, and not on its own negligence. It is easy to forget that patients don’t want to get high.

They want it to relieve pain and improve their lives. This is the purpose of any medical marijuana dispensary. The medical benefits of marijuana have been proven to be numerous. They are especially effective in relieving severe pain from persistent medical conditions as well as lethal diseases like cancer. The federal government isn’t ready to legalize marijuana on a national level. However, states such as Colorado, Nevada and Michigan allow medical marijuana to be sold to  mail order marijuana those who have a medical marijuana card and a recommendation from a doctor. The fed and state will fight for the best interests of the people who are most in need of medical marijuana.

There are many countries that have legalized medical marijuana, including Canada, Australia, Canada and Israel. The debates surrounding marijuana continue in the USA. There are many laws that govern this subject, but they are murky at best. To date, only 14 states in the USA allow marijuana to be sold for medical purposes. Even with this in mind, the DEA – Drug Enforcement Administration – doesn’t seem to have any problem raiding any medical cannabis dispensary (e.g. California), and the personal property of patients who were prescribed medical marijuana to treat their ailments. It is unclear where the state’s authority ends, and the federal government begins. The whole situation remains as murky as ever.

Although we cannot deny that marijuana can intoxicate, it is clear that the drug has proven to have real and effective medical benefits. The federal authorities should regulate marijuana sales in states that have approved medical marijuana. They could also be monitoring those who use the drug and allowing patients who really need it to continue using it without fear of arrest or harassment.

In a country where awareness is everything and people don’t understand that sometimes these shades of grey make things reasonable, the mere mention of “marijuana” is enough to draw a lot of criticism. People in the USA don’t stop looking at marijuana. They also ignore the fact that every patient must get a medical cannabis card. They don’t think about how to regulate marijuana’s usage so it doesn’t get in the wrong hands. Instead, they jump to blame it for not being used for good reasons. This means that people who are unable to imagine living without pain will continue to live the lives they have been forced to, even though they know better.

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