8 Reasons Why You Should Play Rise of Kingdoms Game

You may be wondering if Rise of Kingdoms is worth playing on your PC. You need not look further, because I will share my top 10 reasons to play Rise of Kingdoms on Windows or Mac.

Rise of Kingdoms, which is available on both iOS & Android platforms, is a popular real-time strategy game. This game has millions to even millions of players around the globe.

Why is Rise of Kingdoms so beloved by players? Some players believe it’s because they can pick civilizations to play in the way that suits their preferences. Some players will blame commanders, while others like events that keep them occupied.

Rise of Kingdoms is free to play, which is a big reason. Rise of Kingdoms is unlike other games in that it makes it simple and accessible to F2P players, allowing them to progress through a series of events and completing quests as any paid players.

You are currently playing Rise of Kingdoms from your tablet or smartphone. It might be worth considering playing Rise of Kingdoms on your Mac or PC. There are many reasons to do this. Here are my top 10 reasons you should play rok guides Rise of Kingdoms right now on PC.

1. Rise of Kingdoms is faster on PC

Rise of Kingdoms runs much faster on a Mac or Windows computer. Below is the memory required to run Rise of Kingdoms with maximum graphics quality on my Windows PC.

Amazing 8.6% for just 18.8 megabytes. My computer isn’t great. It cannot run AAA titles like Call of Duty Warzone fluidly. It runs Rise of Kingdoms perfectly. This is a great upgrade for gamers who want to enjoy a better gaming experience.

2. It is easy to manage multiple accounts

Personally, I have several accounts or farming accounts. You can manage multiple accounts easily if you play Rise of Kingdoms for PC.

To log in to another account on your smartphone or tablet, you must log out of your character. Bluestacks App for Windows and Mac does not require you to logout your character. It’s extremely easy to set up multiple accounts and gear your main account quickly.

3. Graphics quality can be improved

Many players are playing Rise of Kingdoms with low-quality smartphones. This means that smartphones often can’t handle Rise of Kingdoms at the highest graphics quality. This is especially true if you’re playing PvP in the real world with many armies and attackers.

Computers, on the other side, are capable of handling games-intensive like world battles and turning the graphics quality up to the max. Rise of Kingdoms runs much better when you have high-performing specifications.

4. It’s easier to chat

It’s very easy to chat with friends while playing Rise of Kingdoms for PC . Are you frustrated by the fact that you accidentally tap on the chat box, and it fills up your screen immediately?

Rise of Kingdoms PC is no different, as the controls are adapted to your keyboard and mouse. Chat only with your friends if you need to use the keyboard. Get rid of the chatbox clutter on your phone and replace it with a simple, clean and robust design for your PC.

5. Create Photos & Videos & Upload

Do you ever want to make videos that you can upload to YouTube? You can also record yourself playing Rise of Kingdoms on your PC to make some extra money. You can also share your commentary here and there.

Make videos of yourself fighting in the Lost Kingdoms and upload them! These videos are popular because people want to learn how to win the battles and tips you have learned.

You can also share photos of your city by clicking on the photo icon in the lower right of Bluestacks Windows. You can show off your achievements to your friends on social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

6. It’s easier to coordinate

It can be difficult to coordinate on mobile devices because of delay and lag. Sometimes communication can take a while between players. You will be able to coordinate attacks if you play Rise of Kingdoms PC.

Discord allows you to download and use your headphones to communicate with your friends. Everything is much more fluid and faster on PC if you have an internet connection. This could be either Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or both.

7. You can see everything bigger

One of the greatest advantages of playing Rise of Kingdoms for PC, is the ability to see everything on an even larger screen. You don’t want to strain your eyes looking at these tiny, blurry texts on your tablet or smartphone.

It’s now time to consider downloading Rise of Kingdoms for your PC. Did I mention it also has cool graphics styles and additional effects? Rise of Kingdoms is better on a PC, that’s right!

8. The best part? It’s free!

Yes, that’s right! You can play Rise of Kingdoms both on your Mac and PC. You just need to download the app launcher and install it. Once you connect to your account, all that’s left is to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC or Mac. It’s then ready to go.

You can also save your progress on the PC when you play on your phone or tablet. It’s easy to link your game account. My experience with Rise of Kingdoms on PC was very helpful and made me stronger.

You can read my guide to how to install Rise of Kingdoms on your computer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Happy ruling, Governors!

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