Ottoman Bed? What You Need To Know About It

Are you looking for a bed that has lots of storage? You might be wondering what an ottoman is. You have come to the right spot!

An ottoman mattress is a bed that has gas-lift hydraulics. The base of the bed can be lifted up to reveal plenty of storage space beneath. Because they can be used full-time, they have a greater storage capacity than drawer beds.

They can be opened from either the foot or one side of the bed. They are a practical choice if you have limited space in your bedroom. If your bedroom is smaller, they are a great choice.

An ottoman bed has many benefits

Ottoman beds help keep your bedroom tidy

Are you running out space? A ottoman bed is a great place to store towels, bedding, and linens like sheets, pillows, duvets, and pillows. An ottoman bed is also great for seasonal items or occasional use.

You can have a peaceful place to relax at night, as your bedroom is free from clutter. Your items will remain clean and dust-free because they are contained in the enclosed storage area.

Ottoman beds work well in smaller spaces.

Did you know? Apartments and homes are being built to smaller dimensions. It is important to make the most of our storage space.

Ottoman bed frame by Hugo & Sons can be used to save space, especially in smaller apartments and homes. You may also not have enough space for additional furniture if there is a guest room, box or loft room. You might consider an ottoman bed to help reduce the need for additional storage.

No matter how big or small your home, additional storage space can be very helpful.

How can ottoman beds lift?

All ottoman beds we sell have gas-lift hydraulics. This means:

  • Accessing the storage in the bed requires minimal effort
  • The assisted lift makes it easy to open and close, a bit like power-assisted driving!
  • The lift speed can be controlled and is therefore safer
  • It stays up until you close it.
  • Ottoman beds can be lifted from either the end or side of the bed.

Ottoman bed: foot end-opening

There are two types:

  • Full ottoman
  • Half ottoman
  • Half-opening ottomans offer the best of both storage and drawers.

Ottoman bed: Side-opening

Ottoman beds can be opened from the side of the bed instead of from the end. This is great if you have limited space and cannot access the bed from either side. The GFW Side Lift Ottoman Bed allows you to choose which side of your bed should be open.

What’s the difference between an ottoman and divan bed frames?

Both ottoman beds frames and divan bed frames can be summarized as follows:

  • Include built-in storage space
  • Available in many different materials
  • You have a variety of color options
  • A matching headboard is usually included.
  • There are however a few key differences.

Storage options

Ottoman beds have ottoman storage. This is a large, under-bed storage space. Divan beds offer more storage options. You can choose drawers or ottoman storage. Or both.

There are many mattress options

Standard divan beds include a mattress. A divan bed is a great option because it offers a complete package that includes a mattress and a bed.

Ottoman bed frames are not, however, equipped with a mattress. They’re great if you don’t need a mattress. We also have many mattresses to choose from if you are looking for a new one. Take a look at our pocket-sprung, orthopaedic, and memory gel mattresses.

While most of our mattresses can be used for ottoman beds frames, heavier mattresses may not work well. Feel free to contact for any advice or assistance you may need.


Ottoman bed frames come with sprung timber slats for increased comfort and longer-lasting durability. Because the slats have a slight curve, they provide greater flexibility and work in harmony to your mattress to provide gentle support. Ottoman divan beds, on the other hand, have a platform top that provides a firmer and more supportive surface for your mattress.

Space is required

Ottoman beds take up little space as the storage is accessible from the top of the bed, not the sides. Divan beds are made in the same dimensions as mattresses, so they can be smaller than bed frames.

What are the sizes of ottoman beds?

There are many sizes of Ottoman beds available. There are many sizes to choose from: single or two ottoman beds. You can also choose king size or superking.

Are ottoman beds available with a headboard?

Most ottoman beds include a matching headboard. You can choose from many headboard options when you buy divan bed ottomans. To see the headboard options, double-check the product.

Is there a storage weight limit on ottoman beds?

Ottoman beds can be sturdy and strong and allow for a higher storage capacity. To ensure you don’t overload the bed, as with all storage beds, it is important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines on the maximum weight that can be stored in the storage compartment.

An ottoman bed may have an inner fabric storage area that is smaller than a standard storage unit. You can store your items without worrying about overloading because the floor will support the items’ weight. Give us a call if you have any questions.

The history of the ottoman bed

The history of the modern ottoman bed is rich and varied. The Ottoman Empire was a ruler power established in the 13th century. This is where the name “ottoman” comes from. Ottoman furniture is a collection of wooden chests, footstools, and beds that originated in Turkey. Ottomans with their storage function and distinctive design became more popular. They were imported across Europe at the end of 18th century.

Ottoman beds don’t just provide storage, but they also look great! Ottoman beds can be used in a variety styles, no matter what your style preference is. Explore our wide selection of colors and finishes. You can customize the bed that suits you best, from faux leather to fabric upholstery. You’ll find a wide range of colours to choose from, whether you are looking for a subtle, neutral finish that blends with your decor, or something more striking.

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