7 Best Microphone Reflection and Isolation Filters

What is a Microphone Isolation Shield (Microphone Isolation Shield)?

Microphone isolation shields are filters that reduce unwanted noise, ambient sound, and reflection. The shield isolates the microphone from the environment, which improves sound quality.

Reflection filters are made of dense, uneven acoustic material that absorbs and dampens sound wave reflections. Your vocal recordings will sound clean, dry, and without any coloration, if you eliminate unwanted reflections and noise.

How to Buy an Isolation Shield

Vocal isolation shields can be a great tool for recording in less than ideal environments. These shields improve the acoustic quality in your recording space, without needing to be treated permanently. It is important to select the Best Microphone Reflection Filter for you.

These are the characteristics to consider when looking for the best microphone isolation shield that will protect your vocal recordings.

Mounting and placement

You can choose between a mic stand or a desktop mounting option. A desktop filter is best if you are comfortable sitting while recording. A filter that mounts to your boom or mic stand will work well if you prefer standing. You can also find isolation filters that are suitable for both.

Positioning and adjustability

Make sure the shield mounts and microphone mounting brackets are adjustable. The best recording conditions will be achieved in different environments by adjusting the microphone’s angle, height, or depth.

Isolation Shield Weight

Make sure your microphone stand is strong enough to withstand the weight of the shield. Consider the weight of your microphone stand if you are traveling or recording in other environments. Lightweight designs are easier to transport and more manageable.

Isolation Shield Size

An acoustic shield should have large absorptive filters that curve around your microphone. Higher isolation will provide you with the best protection against background noise and reflected frequencies. Know your mic size. A small filter can cause background noise or reflections to affect the quality of your recording. A larger surface arc is required for mics with higher ceilings.

Materials and Construction

Make sure the shield construction and acoustic materials are strong and durable. Rugged construction will last longer in harsh environments and when it is subject to heavy travel. Consider the thickness of the acoustic material. A thick, high-density acoustic material will absorb and dampen sound waves more effectively.


Make sure the mounting hardware and isolation shield are compatible with your microphone stand.

Storage and portability

If you are planning to travel or record in various environments, a lightweight, foldable isolation shield is a good option. It will be easy to transport or put in a bag if it is collapsible.

Price and Budget

Look for a reflection filter that suits your budget. There are many affordable options available. Consider the following high-quality isolation shields or reflection filters.

Ten Best Reflection Filters to Record Vocals

These top ten isolation shields and reflection filters will provide excellent acoustics in your studio.

1. SE Electronics | Reflexion Filter PRO

The Reflexion FilterPRO is a well-known acoustic shield that has been used by many of the most prominent recording artists. The microphone isolation shield is compact and has six layers. These absorb sound waves and diffuse them around the microphone. Unlike cheaper foam filters, sE has a multi-layer design that works across all frequencies. This allows for a balanced and ‘dry sound’ when recording vocals or instruments.

Key Features

  • Protect your portable microphone from accidental damage
  • Multi-layered acoustic material is equally effective across all frequencies
  • Fully adjustable to ensure the best recording position
  • Dimensions: 14-1/2” wide, 12” high, 8” deep
  • Included variable-position stand clamp assembly



2. Aston Microphones | Halo Shadow Reflection Filter

The Aston Halo reflection filters are lightweight and compact. The unique shell design wraps around your mic’s top, bottom, sides, and sides for maximum isolation. Wave-formed and textured surfaces also diffuse direct sound to provide greater isolation. Halo’s acoustic feel material is also made with 70% recycled PET plastic. This makes it more environmentally friendly.

Key Features

  • With patented PET felt, lightweight construction
  • Unique shell design delivers enhanced performance
  • 360-degree filtering allows for better isolation and absorption
  • Dimensions: 21.2” wide, 17.4” high, 11.9” deep
  • Hardware included: Lightweight, ‘easy to mount hardware



3. Portable Microphone Acoustic Isolation Shield

New microphone shields reduce ambient sound and allow for more precise recording of vocals or instruments. The sound-absorbing panel has a foam absorption liner and a folding shell. The microphone stand mounts to the panel and can accommodate any size microphone.

Key Features

  • Made from a metal alloy with professional acoustic foam absorption liner
  • Transport space is saved with a folding diffusion shell
  • Dimensions: 16.7” wide, 12” high, 6.1” deep
  • Included: Microphone mounting adapter



4. VRI-30 Foldable Isolation Shielding Vocal Recording Panel

LyxPro VRI-30, a microphone isolation filter for compact microphones, reduces ambient noise to ensure optimal recording conditions. The filter eliminates interference and audio wave bounce-back to provide a clear, dry sound. It is easy to assemble the panel and take it apart for storage or travel.

Key Features

  • High-quality aluminum panels and acoustic foam panels
  • Easy disassembly for easy transportation
  • Mounts for any microphone stand
  • Dimensions: 19.25” wide, 12” high, 3.5” deep
  • Includes hardware for mounting microphones



5. Sound Shield Compact

Sound Shield Compact is a professional voice reflection filter that can be mounted to a microphone stand. High-quality foam reduces ambient noise to produce clearer recordings whether you are recording in the studio or on the go. Two metal panels fold down to make it easy to transport.

Key Features

  • Easy transport with lightweight, foldable design
  • Professional acoustic foam and metal design of high quality
  • Ideal for field or studio use
  • Dimensions: 16.7” wide, 12.0” high, 6.1” deep
  • Included are an adapter and shock mount connector



6. ASMS4730 Isolation Shield

The ASMS4730 Isolation Shield, a portable and lightweight filter, can be mounted onto standard microphone stands. The shield’s design includes a vented aluminum surround panel, and 2″ acoustic foam. A microphone mounting bracket is included as well as a positioning bar. For optimal positioning, adjust the entire panel vertically to 5-1/2″ and the microphone between 2-7″ from the panel.

Key Features

  • Vented aluminum surround panel with metal frame, 2” acoustic foam, and metal frame
  • For easy transport, lightweight and portable
  • Dimensions: 18.5” wide, 12” high, 7” deep
  • Includes microphone mounting brackets and positioning bars



7. SE Electronics | Reflexion Filter X

The Reflection Filter X is a cost-effective and ideal solution to reduce unwanted sound reflections. The Reflexion Filter PRO uses the same design technology, but it is made with different materials to make the price more affordable. The RFX has a lightweight vented body, four acoustic layers, and a redesigned clamp. It is also versatile and easy to position in difficult working environments.

Key Features

  • sE’s patented acoustic filters technology is affordable
  • The four-layer design allows for near-zero sound coloring
  • Fully adjustable to ensure the best recording position
  • The rugged design can withstand the most demanding work environments
  • For easy transportation, lightweight and portable
  • Dimensions: 18” wide, 13” high, 8” deep
  • Included variable-position stand clamp assembly



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