Halloween Costumes for Children in the Harry Potter Series

Have you recently witnessed a swarm of owls circling your front door, each with a message in its beak? If that’s the case, you might have a young wizard living with you who has recently been awarded a scholarship at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

While you may not be able to get them to Platform Eight and Three Quarters in time, if you order now, you can get them into a kids Harry Potter Halloween costume. This Halloween, everyone should open their minds and accept the possibility that there is more to this world than meets the sight.

If we know where to seek for it, magic may be found anywhere, and youngsters appear to be able to perceive it far more clearly than age-weary adults. Help your child see the magic in themselves this Halloween by dressing them up in one of the many child Harry Potter costumes available.

Gryffindor is, without a doubt, the most regal of the Hogwarts houses. Gryffindor is a prestigious house that Hermione and Harry both belong to, and now your youngster may join them with the Premium Gryffindor Robe or Hermoine Granger costume.

The house of Slytherin is also a formidable house, one in which Harry could have been a member, but because of his arch foe Lucius Malfoy’s being in Slytherin, it is typically associated with the darkest side of wizardry. Slytherin is not to be overlooked, and if your youngster is interested in learning how to communicate with snakes, the green and black robes could be ideal.

Playing the lively game of Quidditch is, of course, an important aspect of life at Hogwarts. The Harry Potter Quidditch Robe Super Deluxe Costume is required whether your child plays as a seeker, beater, catcher, or chaser.

If your child prefers the darker side of wizardry, there is a spine-chilling assortment of malevolent characters to go along with Halloween’s spookier aspect. Dementors are the notorious Azkaban Jail’s prison guards. They drain everyone’s hope, and their kiss will physically steal your soul from your body.

While your everyday angel is usually a bright source of joy, everyone has to connect with their darker side from time to time. The Harry Potter Dementor Child’s Costume will allow you to see things from a different perspective.

If your child’s ultimate objective is to rule the world, the Lord Voldemort Child Costume will be ideal. If they aren’t prepared for the pressures that come with governing the world, the Death Eater Costume might be a better option. Of course, if all of this is too serious for you, the Harry Potter Hedwig Costume will make you laugh out loud on Halloween.

Let the enchantment of Halloween transfer your child to the beautiful world of Harry Potter, where anything is possible for those courageous enough to take the chance, no matter which Harry Potter Halloween costume design you choose for your young one.

It’s a lot of fun to make your own Harry Potter costume, plus it’s a lot less expensive than buying one. Follow these simple steps to make one.

  1. Gather all of the necessary ingredients. There’s no need to buy anything because these items can be found in all four corners of your home. Clear tape, jeans, sneakers, long striped sleeves, round rimmed glasses, hair mousse, make-up/pink lipstick/lip liner, Styrofoam ball, black cape, gold paint, feathers, and a short wooden pole are all items to look for.
  2. Make your round-rimmed glasses look like Harry Potter’s by taping the bridge. Put on your long sleeved striped shirt, jeans, and sneakers. An orange shirt with a red stripe through the middle is ideal.
  3. Make a photo/reference of Harry’s hair and use hair mousse to get it as similar to it as possible. You can buy a wig online or from a costume shop if your hair is significantly different from his (i.e. you have long hair or a different hue).
  4. Take remove your make-up and create a lightning-shape scar on your brow. If you don’t have any make-up, a pink lipstick or lip liner will suffice. The black cape is now yours to wear. Use the red quidditch uniform if you want to be like Harry.
  5. You can add decorations like a snitch or a broomstick to make it look more authentic. Paint a Styrofoam ball gold with gold spray paint or a marker and attach two little white feathers to the sides to make a snitch. If you want to make your own broomstick, all you need is an old broom, some sandpaper, paint, dried twigs, and dark wood stain. The handle of the broom should be sanded and black woodstain applied. To make it look like Harry’s Firebolt broom, tie the dried twigs to the bottom of the broom and paint it gold or silver as highlights. You’d look like you’d just returned from a quidditch match if you had the broom and your snitch while wearing a red cape. It’s almost as if you could wave your magic wand and make a Harry Potter costume appear out of nowhere.