Getting Less Likes on Instagram? Here’s Why.

Continue reading to learn the top 6 reasons why you’re getting fewer buy instagram views, as well as the steps you can do right now to battle the problem for the good of your brand and business.

1. You’re not using the appropriate hashtags

If you have a modest Instagram following, you’ll need to hunt down the correct hashtags in order for your posts to show up on the hashtag page. Stop overusing simple hashtags like “#blogger,” for example, because that term has already been splashed across millions of photos!

My personal hashtag policy has gotten very stringent. After all, Instagram currently has over 1 billion active users. You don’t have to go out to a large audience; in fact, focusing on building your own little “crowd” can help you expand your Instagram and spread the news about your business.

Because I want more accounts to be able to see my work rather of having it get lost among millions of other photographs, the ones I use have less than 100K tags. If I use less popular hashtags, more accounts are likely to see my images. I also prefer to use niche-specific hashtags (such as #floridablogger | #tampablogger | #affordablefashionblogger) to get more likes as soon as I post a new Instagram snap.

Also, be inventive with the hashtags you use in your caption.

To gain even more attention, I try to find hashtags that better define my photo. Look for tags that are relevant to your photo and your blogging topic.

Because I’m a member of the rewardStyle blogging community, “#rewardstylebloggers” is one of my favorite hashtags to add in my captions because it’s been used over 60K times.

Another tip: for each hashtag you include in your caption, go to the hashtag as soon as you submit your photo to your feed and start engaging with photographs that include the hashtag as well. This technique has assisted me in gaining a few extra likes. Never leave a photo on your feed without checking to see whether all of your hashtags are ready to help you gain more genuine followers! If you follow the appropriate action steps I described above, you can observe an increase in the number of likes you receive on a single picture.

2. You’re not cultivating relationships with your fans.

To beat the Instagram algorithm, you’ll need to engage with your followers even more than before. Gone are the days when you could pick up your phone and scroll through Instagram for an hour, leaving a few likes here and there, and expect your following to stick around. Do you want to boost the quality of your website? Developing “close” ties with your followers, on the other hand, is a no-brainer.

Instagram places a premium on personal connections. The app is now set up to display you the accounts you connect with the most frequently.
The algorithm is based on research, and it prioritizes your relationships with the people you follow, which has an impact on your relationships with your followers! You’re not receiving as many likes as you used to? That could be linked to how frequently you like and comment on the accounts you follow.

Instagram is programmed to display the accounts with which you spend the most time engaging. If you connect with one individual frequently, for example, by commenting on his or her posts, Instagram will note your “close” relationship. Because of your tight relationship, your new postings will appear on the other person’s feed more frequently, and vice versa.

It can be difficult to build a relationship with each individual follower. Who has the time to communicate with tens of thousands of people? It’s a good idea to start replying to each comment that comes in as soon as you publish a new Instagram snap to make your life a bit easier. Reply with a GENUINE comment to the user who took the time to thoughtfully create a lovely comment on your photo. For the Instagram algorithm, these back-and-forth remarks could suggest the start of a close connection. The algorithm will notice that you and your friend are always interacting with each other’s accounts.

3. Your captions aren’t very interesting.

If I just called you out because your captions are terrible, don’t take it personally – you can always edit it! Did I always have excellent captions when I first started as an Instagram influencer? Certainly not! I’m still terrible at coming up with the best, most entertaining captions.

Captions have a unique ability to pique the interest of your followers and make them care about your post. One of the most important ingredients in mastering the Instagram recipe to get people to follow you in the first place is captions!

Tell us about some personal experiences you’ve had recently. Did you pass a challenging final exam? Do you intend to relocate to a new city?

For Instagram, being genuine with others is crucial. You not only look to be a real person with real feelings and life changes, but you also allow your fans to open up to you!

If he or she has recently completed a challenging exam or is planning to relocate across the country, your true follower will be able to relate immediately. Believe it or not, people are interested in your life. Your followers have a bond with you in addition to following you for gorgeous photographs and sponsored content. DON’T FORGET ABOUT IT!

If you get honest and show a facet of your life that doesn’t always feature picture-perfect curated photographs of you posing with flowers in front of a Volkswagen, your audience will respond to your caption.


Adding a thought-provoking caption to your photo is yet another great method to give your followers something to care about. Do you have a contentious issue that you need to address on your platform? Take a chance. Do you have environmental concerns? Take a deep breath and carefully consider how you might demonstrate to your followers why they, too, should be concerned about the state of the environment.

When you open your caption with a thought-provoking phrase, people will reach out and give you their feedback. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. What good is a “social” media account if you can’t use it to express your thoughts and beliefs?


Do you have a new blog post you’d like to share with your readers? On your caption, mention anything about what your followers can read in the blog post!

Swipe up on your IG stories or click the link in your bio to urge your followers to read the blog post by using your photo. These are the two most common ways to include a “call to action” caption in a photo caption. You’re offering instructions to your followers to take an extra step to learn more by swiping up or clicking on a link.

Getting people interested is another way to approach a “call to action” caption. To create a dialogue in the comments section, ask a question in your caption like “Do you like to sleep in or do you wake up early?” Ask them questions so they can express their ideas with you and, as a result, increase the number of likes on your page.

4. You Do Not Post When Your Audience Is Observing You

Your photo likes can soar if you pay attention to your Instagram stats. If you have a company or artist account, look at your insights. The insights tab will show you when the majority of your followers use the app the most.

Instagram’s statistics will ensure that you post at a moment when your audience is most active on the app. My best posting times, for example, are between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. I also know which days work best for me (Wednesdays and Thursdays), so I schedule my best material for those two days to get the greatest photo results! By paying attention to the interaction patterns of my followers as offered by Instagram, I’ve witnessed a rise in likes.

Insights are crucial in determining WHEN and HOW OFTEN you should update your feed. It would be a shame to publish a high-quality photo (or even a sponsored shot!) on your feed only to receive less-than-stellar feedback.

To maximize reach and engagement, it’s critical to break down the specific hours and days that your followers spend on the app.
That might feel like such a waste of time, believe me. I’ve had lots of real-life situations when I’ve had to consider whether or not removing a photo and re-posting it would be beneficial. Examine your present data to create a publishing plan that will boost the number of people who enjoy your posts.

5. You’re not considering gaining long-term and loyal followers.

As an influencer, building a dedicated following should be your main focus. I was reading an article the other day about a female influencer with over 2 million Instagram followers.

She wanted to test her entrepreneurial skills by starting a t-shirt merchandising company. Do you want to hear the terrible news?

She only managed to sell 36 t-shirts out of her millions of Instagram followers. Her failed t-shirt brand launch demonstrates that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have if you don’t have a true relationship with them.

Arii has 2.6 million followers, but she doesn’t seem to have a meaningful connection with those who stay. Her attempt to launch a t-shirt line failed due to a lack of genuine contact with her fans. She didn’t consider the long term implications of her first brand launch concept.

Despite the fact that building an audience is only one of the measures Arii took to establish her social platform, she entirely ignores communicating with her followers beyond surface level contact. Yes, she has a lot of likes on her photos, but if you want to diversify your business (like she intended to do with her t-shirt line), you must also evaluate who your primary audience is.

6. You’re not utilizing Instagram Stories to its full potential (or at all)

Instagram Stories, in my opinion, is the best new feature accessible on the platform. Instagram has effectively taken over Snapchat, allowing users to publish boomerangs, photos, funny gifs, long-winded rants, and feed updates to IG stories in a matter of seconds.

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